You Wait Two Months for a Post and Two Come Along at the Same Time.

I feel like I’ve lied a little, so I’m terribly sorry about that; what I can tell you is already public knowledge so really I can tell you what I’ve been working on with other people – specifically Pocket Universe.

Pocket Universe (the company that brought LARPers the award winning Dark Tempus, and their upcoming “StarBorn LARP“) have been working to bring some brilliant things to the table for their members and players.

Firstly they’re working to put horses into LARP. Whilst this has been done before this will be the first time that horses will be present in LARPs in the UK. Now I’ve not had much of a hand in this but I want to tell you about this because I’m oh-so-excited about it. I really should point out that the horses won’t be put in any combat situations, and they’re controlled by the organisers, who will have all of the control over monsters and horses to ensure safety. There’s already a video out on Youtube about this, but we’ll be putting another one out soon that’ll look much more professional and stuff.

Of what I’ve been doing with them, though? Culture books, StarBorn, and a super-uber-mega-ultra secret project that’s secret.

Culture books are all that you need to know about the factions in the LARP Dark Tempus. One of these is already available, detailing the Aristoc culture, and I’ve made a previous post about it since I was a part of its development. If you’re interested you can probably find it (to make you even more interested it’s got some pretty fucking tasty artwork from Hollie Caddock). This second culture book is about the Falket and should be available soon.

As well as that it’s been some work on the background of some of the factions that’ll be coming out for StarBorn LARP. Mars has already been released so far, and as for the rest I can’t actually talk about because we need to keep this stuff shtum. If you’re interested in learning more about this particular Pocket Universe LARP you can find more on the Facebook group page.

I can’t talk about the secret project or the owners of Pocket Universe will have my head (because they’re nice like that). 😀

So this post has mostly been about plugging these things. They’ve been an absolute joy to work on and with. So if you don’t mind I’m going to get back to what I was doing.

Speak soon!

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