NaNoWriMo, and What I’m Doing About It.

After yesterday I’m a day behind on NaNoWriMo but considering that I’m ill I should bloody well think that I’d be allowed to spend most of the day in bed and not be forced to do anything else.

I can’t sit still for very long. I’m so very excited about working with Pocket Universe that I end up staring at whiteboards downstairs (which seem to travel about, depending on the whims of need) which, more often than not, are filled with the ideas and the non-permanent inky thoughtforms of future [placeholder for fucking awesome things].

Not only that but NaNoWriMo had literally started yesterday and I am ruddy flipped if I miss it this year, seeing as last year I couldn’t do anything about it because stuff after stuff kept on happening and just being all this all the bloody time.

Now though, I have done away with that problem.

Now it’s all about writing, but not much of it actually gets to be put in book format save for the Dark Tempus Culture Books.

Not much of this seems to be applicable to the NaNoWriMo topic though. What am I doing for it?

I’m putting out a few short stories for it, but only if I can garner the time (and drive) to sort them out. Otherwise you’ll be left with another Culture Book which isn’t entirely written by me.

If that happens then I’d probably consider my own ventures into NaNoWriMo a failure for a second year in a row. I don’t know about you but I’d hardly think that it’d be even a minor success if I actually don’t manage to come out with at least one or two short stories between now and the 30th November.

How shit would that be?

I’ve just become suddenly aware that there are those of you who don’t actually know what NaNoWriMo is. You can find out here, here, and here, but not here.

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