New Year, New Goals, New Newness; It’s An Update Post.

The bug has bitten me. Writing is coming out in droves.

Well, not so much droves as it is something that’s less than a drove. Writing is coming out in roves. Oves may or may not be more accurate.

The last few days has seen more content cosecutively from my fingers for a particular sci-fi than it had at any point in the last six or so months. Chalk it up to whatever you’d like but it’s gorram refreshing to say the least.

Scenes that have sat in my head (and new ones) have been coming out onto the digital page so easily recently. As ever they come out a little mutated than what I’d first intended but that’s evolution of the original intent. That mutation is necessary, I think; you get the dialogue, the extra scenes, the multitudes of foreshadowing, the new characters, and the painting of a scene that comes with working so intimately with the written word.

As another note I’ve fallen in love with Manchester. It’s the same love that I have for most other British cities, although since I’m living in Warrington I can move just as easily between Manchester and Liverpool. Urban wandering hasn’t been as good as this for a long time.

Since I seem to be blathering a little let me tell you what I’m sort of maybe probably planning.

Actually, I had several paragraphs written out, telling you what I was thinking of doing and how it came to be that. It kind of came across as a business plan. I don’t particularly like the idea of someone taking the idea and although that comes across as a little cynical I’d like to think that I’ve got a pretty good idea here.

I did, however, leave the two images here so that you could get a little inkling as to what I’m thinking of doing because I have the psyche profile of someone who would place clues everywhere in sight and I want to reward the vigilant/I want to wave it in front of people’s faces and childishly taunt them with “nerh nerner neh ner nerh”.

As an aside, I fudging love Manchester.

+   +   +

PS. There’s something else I wanted you to have. There’s a brand new jeweller out there who’s just started up their new business online: Moss Fayre. Although they’re brand new they’ve also got a lot of talent.

To that end I’ve got something for you. For a limited time I’m bringing to you a coupon for their Etsy store. For 10% off of your order just input the code “BIRTH23” during checkout.

What’s been made so far is unique so when they’ve gone they’ve gone!

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