Rumbled in the Bronx: Renaming the Creation Reveal.

A few minutes ago a post went online on dear old facebook concerning one of my characters.

The artist Hollie Caddock surprised me earlier today with a painting of Sparek Nifelheim in his operating gear. Quite frankly, I think it rocks on toast and may be the potential replacement to my beloved marmite.

1908308_10155271448720374_852327040849381825_n (1)

Needless to say, Sparek is one of the lead characters in The Courthouse Arc, which is another thing that I wanted to talk to you about today. Yes, it’s another Courthouse Arc post, but you won’t be getting many more of those.

For as long as it’s been with me the name The Courthouse Arc has served me fairly well. Although that’s the case I feel as though it needs to be changed; the original name was the lorem ipsum that stuck – it was exactly what was needed for the original seven or so pieces that made up the short story about Sparek, Clara, Pwcca, Saethwyr, Yuri et al going out for a bloody walk in Operation Elanor. The courthouse in Penan was the core subject of the story – it was the focus and housed most, if not all of the meaningful events of the collection.

Now that the 9th Marines have gone beyond Penan’s courthouse and beyond the initial story that I presented the overall story needs to be renamed in order to give it that extra oomph that screams out that it’s not the same story as it was before, especially after the revamp that I gave it last year.

So I hereby rename The Courthouse Arc as: Brontide.

I hope you like it as much as I do. It took me a while to think of a name that I felt was fitting. This one stuck too.

So to make it official, my lovely resident artist made this incredible banner for Brontide.

Brontide Banner

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