The Twelfth Brontide Part, The Appearance of Jin.

It’s Friday again and that means the inevitable Courthouse Arc post

It’s Friday, which means the newest installment to Brontide is out today!

Brontide pt. XII – Hello Duckies has been added to the Brontide Chapter Two drop down menu above.

Here we introduce a new character who was mentioned in the last part, which is what the title is all about. The titles, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, are really just there to help you keep track of the ones that you’ve read with their individual wordy markers of pseudobookmarkery.

That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?

There aren’t any other updates, although having this new part and yesterday’s events (thanks again to Hollie Caddock) kinda makes it a very productive week. Take a look at the new header to the blog though; it’s the Brontide banner from yesterday!

As above and so below, next’s week installment comes in tow. Next Friday heralds part thirteen!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy Brontide parts I-XII!

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