Brontide Pt. 13th February 2015.

The new Brontide part is out today!

You can tell that I’m really plugging that banner, can’t you?

I didn’t exactly plan for the date to coincide with this release. Honestly, I didn’t!  Oh, Maybe I did. Who knows? You can’t prove it.

Yeah, I totally did plan it. What’s a little bit of humour when it comes to release dates? Mmm. It’s not all that much for a small blog like mine, especially when you consider the likes of Bethesda releasing Skyrim on 11/11/11 a few years back. We can have a little fun though, can’t we? 😛

All in all, today’s supposed to be an unlucky day. I could go on and talk about Montfaucon and the origins of the day’s reason for being [supposedly] unlucky, but I won’t. No talks on Phillipe IV, no talks on Jacques de Molay. Instead you get talks about this guy here:

New Acker 1
Image by Hollie Caddock.

Today’s the day that Brontide pt. XIII is released and, primarily, it stars this guy – Brigadier General Acker. This is probably the first scene where we have different points of view from anyone outside of the 9th Marines, save for the prologue itself, and it’s probably where it all starts to get a bit more political with things.

The new release can be found here, here, and here. Not here though, but no doubt you’d enjoy that too. Otherwise you can find the new scene added to the drop down menus above, labelled as Brontide Pt. XIII – Eagles Gaze.

I hope you enjoy it! The next one is out next Friday!

[Post edit: just a quick warning – I didn’t realise how long this scene was until after I posted it up. At Times New Roman, font size twelve, Eagles Gaze stands at a whole five A4 pages. Yeah. Enjoy that. :P]

[Post post edit: I’ve got something new coming. It’s different, and I like it, so much so that I’m excited to start it up.]

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