News Reports and All New Brontide.

Friday comes and goes as it usually does in its own particular idiom; slightly loudly in the cities, like a bottle of cheap alcohol under the village’s local bridge in the countryside, and in the wilderness Friday passes without a second thought, with sleeping giants continuing to let rivers flow and trees grow above them.

In a similar vein Brontide pt. XIV is released, furthering the project one scene, one Friday at a time. The story continues, this time with some action. I hope that you lovely lot continue to enjoy what I’m writing.

As ever you can find the new part in the drop down bar under Chapter II, Part XIV – The Snake Pit. Failing that you can use this very link here to take you right to it.

London Space by Mark Khachfe
Image by Mark Khachfe.

There was also another piece of news that I wanted to tell you about. A number of days ago (a number that escapes me, much like pigeons, roadrunners, and a healthy diet) I set up a secondary Twitter feed called Union News Report (@BrontideNews).

Call it an experiment in advertising and/or using different medias for storytelling; @BrontideNews tells the story of Brontide from the point of view of newsreaders and reporters, albeit in the 140 character limitation, so as a reader you end up reading about the public’s point of view on the universe around them as another way of seeing the story.

To me it’s largely an interesting – and as I said experimental – exercise into creativity. A lot of people find the 140 characters extremely restricting whereas frequent users find it appealing in being pushed to be more creative with their words.

I set it up a small while ago so there are some tweets from the fictional news group already. It’s set up to start reporting on major events (not all of them appearing in the Brontide story, so you’ll see a lot if you’re reading both mediums) from just before the start of the Brontide saga.

If I’m rambling, stop me.

You can’t, so I’m going to go ahead and embarrass myself.

Brontide’s Union News Report will be updated with more tweets as Brontide itself gets new parts, so expect some new tweets in the next few days. It’ll follow the main story in terms of what’s tweeted, so you won’t be seeing anything in the way of spoilers before the main story comes out. You’ll end up seeing clues and new angles towards what’ll happen though!

Enjoy the new stuff and enjoy your Friday!

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