The Other Day’s Today, and Yeah, NEW BRONTIDE.

It’s that time again!

It’s a Friday which means that the fifteenth part of Brontide has been released today! Follow the hyperlinks to find the new addition or use the drop down bar to find all new Pt. XV – Appointment!

Brontide Banner

Just the other day saw the release of a bit of flash fiction called Today. It also saw the irksome, cringy introduction to my last blog post, but that’s something we’ll strive to forget, right?

Today was based on a bit of news that I’d gotten from a friend of mine and some vague comments on facebook that led a certain long-haired someone’s imagination into gear (no prizes for guessing who, but points to those Hufflepuffs who do).

There was an incident in Manchester that had caught my attention because a friend of mine was evacuated from his workplace because of a university student’s plastic experiment sparked an explosions scare. The original comment on facebook said something about explosive crystals which is what led to the crystal in the story.

If you didn’t read it then Today can still be found in Selected Works of Fiction, or here. Having said that, here’s the link to origin of the story, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

That’s all I

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