Before I Get Interru-

Three times I’ve sat down to write this post out.

This is my fourth attempt and here I stand my ground to tell you this little nugget: I’ve been working this blog for *counts on his fingers* two years?


Two years? Is that all? I could have sworn that it was three years. I need to check this. Just stay put for a moment whilst I look at tumblr for the next half an hour check things out.

You still there? Okay, let’s carry on.

Yeah. Two years. I’ve been here since March 2013 and I’ll be here for much longer still! Now the eagle eyed among you will notice that by now it’s just the beginning of April. There’s a perfectly good reason for this, and that because I’m lazy I’ve been busy.

Naturally there was this:

Image by Roy Smallpage, Dumnonni March 2015 event.

LARP got in the way. I was away for a week following the anniversary notification from WordPress (honestly, I didn’t realise that it was even there) and when I got back I went straight into a new job and I’ve been so damned tired and my feet hurt and I’m BACK! I HAVE A JOB AGAIN. FUCKING YESSS.

I don’t even care about my own this-isn’t-a-journal rule; I want to tell you that I have gainful employment once again! Sod you, unemployment!

Two years on WordPress, Dumnonni, and employment? It looks like things are looking up again. I should point out that I’m really really hyped. I’m typing all this out whilst listening to battle metal and I’m so fucking happy with the way that things are turning out right now.

I’m signing off now but you’ll hear from me again soon. Thank you for your patience with things. I know that I seem all over the place right now.

Also this. This made me very happy.

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