All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go.

Procrastination is a nasty thing. What’s also nasty is the oxymoronic productive procrastination.

In short, doing something productive whilst putting off what actually needs doing.

How did my blog come to this?

I’ve been thinking about blog posts to put up for some time now. All the while it’s come and gone and I’ve scratched my head and continued with other stuff instead. This is what I mean by productive procrastination – I might be procrastinating certain things that are badly needed to be done but on the other hand I’m also doing other things. Productive things. Things!

It’s that thinking that goes into a blog post that got me. What could I possibly put up that I haven’t before, and what on Earth am I even supposed to write that isn’t an addition to my other projects? I need to blog every now and then or things get cold and stale, and not many people like stale bread.

There’s the advice that you should just sit down and do it, and some people will irritate you with “in my experience…” speeches. Ultimately it’s up to you to sit down and do it, sure, but when you can’t think of anything to do you either get so frustrated with it and abort that moment’s creativity or you actually do something.

For me, that doing something is actually sitting down without a plan and writing a goddamned blog post.

I wasn’t sure what it was going to be but here I am ironically writing out the very problem that I’ve had with blog posts. I’ve had this type of procrastination before, way back when I reached blog post No. 100; back then I was really unsure of what it was that I was going to post in order to make the hundredth post special. They’re supposed to be special, aren’t they? I had the impression that they are, since it’s such a milestone to have come up with the first one hundred of them.

How the I managed I’ll never know, but I’m still here. Still alive. Not dead. I’m not quite there yet.

If that happens put the following slogan on my tombstone: Here lies Kier Sparey, atheist. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

There’s also this thing that I want to show you. There’re two things really, and they’ve both been a help to me.

Firstly, is really a new way of setting out goals for yourself and achieving them, only with an RPG twist. You can do use it with minor things like household chores or, like me, with writing. I imagine that students could get a lot of help from this if they’re that way inclined.

Gain rewards by gaining EXP. and gold, gain EXP. and gold by completing the goals that you set for yourself. It’s a lot simpler than it looks and I adore it.

The second thing of thinginess was Now this is a program that really helps you get some typey type work done, since it forces you to write and not get distracted by facebook’s scroll-death. You put in the length of restriction on being able to use other programs and the program stays up for that period – either for a period of time or an amount of words.

These aren’t reviews as much as they are just recommendations on what’s helped me. If these were reviews the reviews would suck more than a Dyson in space.

In aid of procrastination I managed to find these things (I say find, I mean spotted on Facebook and originally shared by a lovely person called Alex. Thank you, Alex).

Kier Habit RPG Level 3

I think it’s incredibly helpful and awesome, so maybe this little version of me will appear on future blog posts as an aside, if only to show you how he’s getting on and how much little I’ve been weeping hysterically into the night and procrastinating.


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