Incoming! New Artwork and Prologue!

Hello again! I’ve got some new stuff for you!

It seems like a while since I pulled Brontide’s prologue in order to make it better than what was there before. Some of you eagle-eyed readers have already noticed that I put up the new prologue last night, but I wanted to wait until this afternoon to make the announcement (you guessed it: one of the prime times to share content).

The first prologue awaits your perusal! As ever, use the above drop down box to find it, or alternatively use this lovely load of blue text conveniently hosting a hyperlink to find it.

The State of the Universe is the universe setting text that gives you the lowdown on the background of Brontide’s universe. It’s the first part to the prologue, since I’m holding back some text that will detail the events that spark the rest of the Brontide story.

Other than that, and I’m a little more excited about this than I am about the new prologue release, is the new artwork that’s come from Hollie Caddock. She’s painted two new pieces of artwork for me, and one of which I’m sharing with you today! Here it is!


I have such love for Hollie’s artwork.

Now I won’t be telling you the title, and I won’t be giving you some context about what’s happening here. What I will tell you is that it’s coming up soon.

Things are about to go very very wrong.

I’ve got some new stuff coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for all new Brontide in the coming weeks!

See you next time!

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