The Fallout of my NaNoWriMo Curse

I am cursed, it seems. NaNoWriMo leered over the horizon with a baleful eye, and watched me glance between it and the one thing that’s threatening, promising, demanding me to become distracted from what might otherwise be considered a geas.

I’m screwed already, and I am filled with no little concern for a job I haven’t even started yet.

This is exactly why.

Vault 111 KierSparey stats

Fallout is going to me over. I can feel it in my bones. My bones. You know what else I feel in my bones? Nothing. I can’t feel in my bones. That’s weird, but it sounds like an awesome superpower.

Already I’ve put together my character’s stats over on

I fully expect hermit status this November.

The above is what I’d gotten written on the 31st. It was supposed to publish whilst I was at dinner with a few friends but, unsurprisingly, that never happened. So I thought I’d hold it back a bit and write a little more for the post.

NaNoWriMo started out very shakily. I got pushed by a few dear friends to start writing stuff again, and three days in I’m actually keeping to my target despite some things really threatening to get in my way. One of those things was truly awful, and being on the first day had almost put a bullet in the head of my plans completely.

Like last year, I nearly had to give up again. I’ve been at this Brontide for such a long time now that I severely want to get it done and carry on with other projects. Distractions and other problems get in the way just enough to make someone want to yell “fuck off” to everything and just sit back and do whatever else is demanded instead, as if the project that’s been clinging onto my creative process is just supposed to be a creative block goblin that burrows into your skull and never leaves.

This year is helping. The people are helping. Hollie is a massive help.

You’ll get more from me this year. My NaNoWriMo target is a lot smaller than a lot of other peoples, but I’m not giving up when I’ve reached that daily target. I’m going for as long as I can in the window that I’m given.

Let’s fuck up that assbutt wordcount.


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