The First Post of the Year, or Happy Anniversary!

Yeah, the first one. That’s quite bad, isn’t it? It’s taken me nearly four months to come up with some kind of post to put on the blog. With that said, it wasn’t down to me trying to come up with one – for the most part, I’ve just not had time.

Time has been a horrible factor in my life recently. With everything happening the way it is, I’m actually sorely pressed to sit down and actually manage this blog.

Oh I’m still posting. I’ll still post and I’ll always keep the blog up for as long as there’s someone out there who’ll lose their shit over Legolas in The Hobbit movie.

To top it all off, the crowning jewel in the shame of not-posting would be this:

Three Years with WordPress

That’s right! Three years! Three whole frakking years of this blog! Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to my readers, and Happy Anniversary to your cows!

It seems like this year has it in for me when it comes to having time to myself for Kier exclusive activities. What have I been doing? At the beginning of the year I came to the realisation that I was on a hiatus with writing. In all due honesty I was feeling so bad about it that I was on the very precipice of giving it up. Between work, helping my partner with Erda (look it up! It’s a LARP that got nominated for Best New LARP 2016!), and other things it felt almost impossible to sit down, put my headphones on and set about writing anything to do with writing, let alone this blog. Hence the lack of updates and the like.

I have the techno curse. It’s been confirmed. If I sit down during the day, boot up any form of writing software, and begin, within moments somebody or something will accost me.

I’ll finish up here for now, but please expect me to pop out from the nooks and crannies of the internet like some long forgotten penny that once got lodged in the ceiling and then fell out into my lap and freaked me the out that never happened maybe.

I’ll end it as I started: weirdly. Here’s a picture of my cat.

Zelda March 2016

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