Look Over Here. Please?

Yeah, right here. Look! It’s me! I’m alive! This is very much me coming out of the woodwork of the internet and saying “by fuck I’m still here! Look at that! I’m as surprised as you are!” and stuff to that wonderfully unstartling effect.

No dead person blog over here, not no way not no how. Yet, remarkably, there’s no content to this blog post other than this thing. Nope. I’m just enjoying Wardruna and I’m about to feed my cat. Just give it a minute and I’ll get back to you.

Just a minute.

Okay, so I took a little longer than I thought. I made tea, so there’s that. Sat there. In a cup. Yeah, I’m bored too. So here’s the lowdown on what’s happening lately: I’m painfully aware that this blog pretty much died a death. I can’t portray it any other way – it died, didn’t it? So the question is “how do I bring it back to life without making it some freakish Frankenstein’s monster of an ordeal?”

I’ll be honest and say that that question may be largely constructed of superfluous content. I can whittle it down but I just don’t want to, so nerh.

Why, after so much time has passed, have I deemed it a good idea to return to this blog? Things haven’t gone particularly to plan with these things and, let’s face it, I spend most of my time not visibly doing anything about it. If anything comes up in the way of writing it’s usually spent outside of this blog and nowhere near it. Even the FB page suffered the same fate.

It’s still there, just like this blog. We all still survive, so let’s keep going.

I said time and time again that this thing wouldn’t become a journal. I kept certain things away from it and I’m still doing so, but it’s about time that that was loosened a bit. Let’s get some content out there and keep this thing going.

You don’t want news of Brontide do you? Well you’re wrong. It’s still going, but there’s much much more than what I last showed you. Let’s see if that gets posted.

That’s all from me at the moment. This entire post was done on a whim. I hope to hear from you soon and stuff. See you soon!

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