What I Found in my Dusty, Mouldy Archive.

I was looking through my google docs just a few minutes ago and I managed to find a story that I hadn’t actually released to you.

I’d just finished reading through it and my fudge it needed some editing. How many times were certain words repeated? How many times did I describe a certain aspect, and just how many fucking words do I need to describe the night oh-so-many times?

Do you get the same issue? How frequently do you find that you repeat yourself when you’re writing? It’s such a pain in the arse when I find it and I can’t help but cringe about it.

I can recall why it was that this was written. It was a spur of the moment story, written fairly quickly by my standards (don’t ask!), and was initially written for a downloadable book that was to feature CG images based on the events of the story.

Since that died out I can’t see any issue in putting it up here and carrying on. Perhaps it’ll get picked up and put into that format in future, perhaps not. It’s up here now.

I’ve actually just realised the full irony in the story itself and the way that I found it and posted it here. You’ll see soon enough. I found it funny.

Funny like, ah, look: me Nan’s stuck in the dishwasher again.

You can find the new addition in the usual place, under Selected Works of Fiction, by this hyperlink, or by this URL: https://kiersparey.wordpress.com/selected-works-of-fiction/knight-of-the-harrowlands/.

Take your pick. I hope you enjoy!

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