Marazion V, the Planet of

In case you missed it, the planet of Marazion V is one of the planets in which I was commissioned to create by a UK LARP system based in Kent. This particular planet saw me work more closely with the person who’d commissioned me to write the planets. For the most part it’s mostly written by myself with heavily influenced ideas from the commissioner.

I have to apologise for the amount of errors in this document; it was edited so many times over the creative process that a lot were missed when it came to actually finishing the piece.

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The Planet of Marazion V

Capital: Sangomont, Silhorn
Population: 5.6 Billion
Orbital Period: 403 days
Day Length: 29 hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.8 Terran Atmospheres
Radius: 11,768km
Surface Gravity: 1.5TG
Natural Satellites: Failed Moon/Asteroid Belt
Space Ports: Sangomont
Languages: Terran Standard, and Marazionite
Adjective: Marazionite

Of the Discovery of Marazion V
Baron Gabriel Mato, stayed upon the surface of Delmont for much of the duration in which he sought to settle it, conducting the attempt from another world whilst others went through the attempts themselves. Constant failures and near successes were enough to frustrate him, moving him away from the metropolis managed and overseen by recently elected peer known as the Castor, and settled Marazion V directly himself.

The number does not stand for the fifth Marazion planet in the system, nor in existence, but rather for the stage in settlement attempts it took to properly land and establish a civilian populace planetside. The number accompanies the planet as a long standing tribute to those hands injured or lost in the many attempts. See the Cenotaph in Silhorn for more details.

There is only one ocean that lies upon the surface of Marazion V, which was named The Sound of Marazion, for to stand on the western shore is to know the sound of the world before the coming of mankind and her industry. The initial colonisation once attempted to land on this ocean in order to make it a natural landing area for future endeavours. It was well suited, for the higher gravity on this planet caused mischief amongst the landing crafts.

What ceased these events and caused the initial settlers to change their scope of landing efforts elsewhere was the event of a sea creature. It may be a species but, much like the Gigamesh, only one of these creatures has been recorded to have been witnessed at any given time.

The initial sighting of this creature, dubbed ‘Kraken’, was first encountered by landing craft Keineyrs, which was caught out of the air by a hooked and almost hairy tentacle. A great mouth laiden with teeth the size of a man was seen tearing apart the Keineyrs. Bug-like eyes, seemingly like strobe lights, watched the world above sea level unblinkingly. The craft was lost with all hands and the only other craft, the Ekniyesr, in the air at the time contained footage that was enough to convince their higher-ups to negotiate other settlement attempts.

Of the Sound of Marazion, many tributaries conduct their natural business from the nearby hills and mountains. In some places of the coast, these tributaries often look like capillaries when viewed at the correct angle.

Of Topographical Statistics
20-30% Sea, rivers and lakes

40-60% Mountains

10-20% Plateaus

Mountains and plateaus dominate the landscapes of Marazion V, broken up by a single strait of an ocean named the Sound of Marazion. The lakes and rivers lace themselves at the bases of the valleys between snow-capped peaks.

Lochs and lakes can be found dotted around in the valleys between mountains and hills. Mostly they stream off and lead into rivers that lead to other lochs and lakes. Some amounts of water disappear from the surface and lead downwards into underwaters lakes and reservoirs. It is not unknown for the towns and cities beneath the surface to siphon the water in these underwater lochs.

The Factories and Mines
The factories throughout Marazion V are the greatest feats and each are owned by the noble families of the planet. Manufacturing all manner of items, such as military grade weapons and modular habitation units, vehicles and the parts to all manner of space stations.

Each factory was originally built atop of the old, original mining facilities. They now collectively span at least two miles across and are linked to at least five mines. The longest known factory, found in the city of Silhorn, stretches across eleven miles, and is linked to over thirty mines and one of the engineer academies.

Of Noteworthy Beastlore
Mankind are not the only residents of Marazion V – the planet is infested with many vicious creatures. It is because of these creatures that the human settlers of the planet sought safety in the high ground of the mountains, venturing downwards again at first to farm for food to provide for the growing population. Only the most daring or adventurous of the populace attempted to settle in the valleys or even beneath the earth.

The snagtooth hound is one of the more known creatures. Half the size of a man, with black skin, red eyes, and it runs on all fours. Its unusual jaw seems to have a number of sets of teeth, one inside the other. The snagtooth hound hunts in packs of ten at minimum, mostly seen attacking the farms of Marazion V. This foul pack beast’s lock down on their prey with the outer set of teeth, before biting and chewing the very flesh, sinew and even bone with its strong inner set. People try to avoid being out on the paths, roads or in the fields on foot whilst both alone and in numbers. When night falls on the planet, the snagtooth hound is nearly impossible to see without a light source.

The Gigamesh, well named for its gigantic size and its scaled, armoured body. This creature was not discovered until one fateful day, when a mining crew broke into an underground catacomb and stumbled upon the area of which the Gigamesh had taken for their lair. For almost a year the Gigamesh terrorised one city after another. It was only through finally killing the creature, using the first ever made heavy weapons of the new age, did the citizens of Marazion V learn that the one Gigamesh was but one of a well bred species, as some scientists had speculated but never proven.

Over the next few years after their discovery, certain Gigamesh nests were discovered and wiped out, but others have been avoided due to the behaviour of these monsters being more territorial than aggressive in nature.

Of the Cities
Both the cities and the towns of Marazion V are architectural and technological marvels. The capital city, Sangomont, with its skyscrapers that reach upwards towards the cosmos like fingers that grasp towards the infinity of space, are exemplary of this. Glistening buildings of metal and glass lie in the sun, interlinked by glass bridges and walkways. Each are built into the mountains and surrounded by monolithic one mile high walls and technological fortresses that project the forcefield that is invisible to the naked eye.

Sangomont stands upon the very first spot that Marazion V’s very first colonists landed upon and is now home to Headquarters of the noted 23rd Heavy Infantry Company, who are a company in the Green Cloaks regiment.

The first of the underground cities was The Delf – otherwise known as D’waror. In this new settlement, to make the city more independent, agri-sectors were formulated with synthetic light to aid the growth of crops and food. As time went on the tunnelling progressed and other communities grew.

This was not without losses. Some of the early communities met their own demise from cave-ins and vast sinkholes, the collapsing of tunnels, or people – both miners and otherwise – were swallowed up by creatures that lived in the lowest of the depths. Some reports from survivors and witnesses of these events mentioned ‘moving rocks’ and stone humanoids, though they were sometimes ignored authorities who believed that they would recall the statues that adorned the tunnel borders. Some people look to the statues as the guardians of their lands, like golems that oversee their day to day survival. Superstition and myths began to be borne around them.

Once upon a time, the Silhorn family had made a monumental discovery: the largest oil lake found in recorded history of the sector. It was around this lake that Silhorn City, famous for its engineering academy, was built. This academy would be the very same that in later years would be responsible for most of the sector’s heavy industry.

When Eastward City was first established it was an otherwise normal town, unworthy of footnotes until the founders, the Drason clan, set up a number of factories which came to furnish Marazion V’s orbit with the magnetic mines and the modules which became the space stations in orbit. Eastward is also known for the uproar over the owned land of mining families and the shortage of materials in the mines in the vicinity.

Of General History

Owing to the difficulty of traversing and settling upon the vast mountain ranges of Marazion V, the colonists had no choice but to dig down, burrowing and delving into the depths of the planet. Here they found rich mineral deposits. In time, huge underground complexes were carved out and manufactured, lit by the natural crystals growing out of the rock.

Of the communities that survived the catastrophes of collapsing tunnels, sinkholes and beast attacks, most slowly grew and linked with each other via an underground network of magnetic trams. Trade and commerce was hereby established through the mountains of Marazion V.

Architecture would become a huge part of life for the people of the planet – ornaments and statues were carved around the light-crystals for numerous reasons. Ranging from general aesthetics to marking the borderlands of the settlements and the dangerous lands beyond and below. These markers for the borders often accompany a series of warning signs, but lack anything more mostly due to the fact that people are sensible enough to stay away from them.

As with most planets and governments, there are times of civil unrest. Malcontent parties formed under the governing body of Marazion V in the city of Eastward city.The mines in their area ran out faster than anticipated and their tools could not break the rock that they had encountered. This lead to the first depression in Marazion V history and it came to pass that strikes, riots and base fighting would break out over ownership of land. What would at one moment be a drinking party would turn quickly into a fight. Gatherings of groups of more than five people for a sole purpose was banned, and the security personnel under the Drason family would take to dispersing crowds with violence. The problems that miners suffered here only came to a halt when a deal came to pass that a portion of the workers would be transferred to work on the asteroid mining facilities in the outer orbit.

Of the Familial Clans
The richer family clans own almost everything on Marazion soil, including the factories and the underground agricultural centres. However, only a select few of them own the engineering academies.

Some of these families use their wealth to improve the wellbeing of their workers, paying them a steady wage, offering healthcare and education plans and building towns around the factories for the workers themselves. These families also tend to spend their moneys on facilities and programmes that would earn them a profit in the long term. The Silhorns are the family known for owning an entire city and its people from this practice. They are one of the few noble clans on the planet to actually be skilled engineers despite not being the richest.

Of the richest families, the Castildons, the Drasons and the Scotts are the wealthiest clans on Marazion V that are known for their feats in engineering.

The Castildons built and still maintain the force fields that surround and protect the cities, towns and agricultural networks from the hostile creatures of the planet since the days of the Gigamesh. The Drasons are the clan in which the space stations that sit in orbit were built to look over the planet and the Scott family engineered the magnetic minefield that even now surrounds Marazion V. Despite continual discord between both Scotts and Drasons, the two families live in the city of Sangomont along with all the other noble clans.

Castildon – A small but influential clan. This family has suffered heavy losses in the original colonisation attempts of Marazion V, and are thus one of the oldest. The head of the family was a close friend of the Baron who took it upon himself that his family would ensure the colonisation of the planet.

The Castildons paid the price in the failures but were compensated with honours and acknowledgement to the point that even now they hold the title of “The Freemen of Marazion.” This translated into the first pick of the land. Consequently the Castildon clan are found in small groups dotted over the planet’s surface. They also hold seats of office from governors of academies or teaching positions, to shaft or mine managers. The 3rd Space station orbiting Marazion is owned and run by members of the Clan of Castildon, having attempted to rival the sudden monopoly that the Drason clan had begun on the planet’s defence.

Drason The major inhabitants of Eastward City, the Drason clan’s major contribution to Marazion, and what trebucheted them into becoming one of the great families of the planet, was to defence. In the patent documents and stamped along the components of the satellites and so-called magnetic mines is the name Drason. It can be argued that it was thanks to the Drason clan that the One Bakkar have not touched Marazionite soil thanks to their inventions.

This family has worked their way into treaties and agreements over the years, and are currently allied with the Scott clan. They mutually support each other but the Drason clan are always seeking more in their endeavours, since they believe that bigger is better. The family is known to think that if something is not possible, then it should be made possible by human ingenuity overcoming this obstacle.

They are not without rivals, since all families rival each other. None do so more with the Drasons than the Castildons, who will only work together in the military. Sadly, this relationship is terse and kept to a minimum, since they aren’t all that friendly and blows can be thrown if care is ignored. Small disputes with other clans are not unheard of but tend to be resolved peacefully.

When the initial spread of people was founded, this clan was swift to move in once they found a strong vein of mineral wealth in the eastern region. They did not, however, check its depth. The result was a top heavy vein that ran dry very quickly. Due to the manner in which the clan crowded around the vein in order deny the others access to it, they had established a very brash reputation for themselves.

Their chief allies, the Scotts, offered them help and shelter when the vein initially ran dry. Other clans were not so swift to help due to previous encounters with the Drasons and their aggressive protection of their top-heavy mine. This led to grudges forming that, in some cases, last even today.

Grant – The territory for the clan known as Grant is located in the mountain known as “The Great Ness”, with their main seat of power residing in the settlement there named “Urquhart”. In times past, the mountain gained its name from its location; if seen from above, The Great Ness appears to be nestled in a ring of mountains that much resemble the motte and bailey pattern fortification of ancient times. This gave it the idea of a nest – or “Ness” – as it later became known. Their credo is “Stand Firm”.

Urquhart is a spectacle of a fort, with its inner walls appearing like palaces more than a fortress. Those who visit this settlement are not likely to be able to travel the entire area since it covers such a large area.

Mato – The patriarch of this family on Marazion V, also the man who enabled the colonisation, was Baron Gabriel Mato. This man of sound judgement and strict morals boasted unrivalled mechanical prowess, built the first craft to successfully land on Marazion V. Owing to the high surface gravity, standard landing craft were not entirely suitable for the environment. A discovery that sadly cost the lives of many in first attempts. If the pilot managed to stay aloft long enough then they would discover that there would be nowhere safe enough nor large enough for the landing craft. Between the speed of the craft gained in the loss of altitude and higher gravity, and the high winds that occurred in the higher altitudes would end up smashing smaller crafts into mountainsides and cliff faces.

The Mato clan no longer oversees the running of Marazion V. This passed nuptially to the Von Vortex family as the daughter of Duke Fredrick Mato was married to the head of the Von Vortex family. Upon his death Duke Fredrick Mato bequeathed all to his daughter and son-in-law.

The Mato family was also responsible for the forming of the Armed Forces of Marazion V, which would come to include the 23rd Heavy Infantry. The military now wear the family crest on ceremonial occasions. More information can be found in the founding and history of the 23rd Heavy Infantry.

Morey– There are few artisans that can match the artisans in the Morey clan. Morey jewellry is known throughout the Segovax Cluster and beyond. This jewellry can range from all types of its kind, each being high end artworks made from precious stones and metals.

The Morey family has mines in many areas of Marazion V as well as sections of other clan mines, having bought the rights to many of them from other families when they were discovered to house these items in veins. This can mean long negotiations and expensive, since the metals can also be used in other works.They are uninterested in coals and other mundane items, being primarily jewellers. Instead, they will use these ores and fossil fuels in negotiations with other clans, such as the Rodricks, for rights to the specific metals and stones that they desire.

The greater amount of crystals found in laser based technology in the Terran sovereignty are furbished by the Morey clan. In a trade agreement that gives this family more wealth and more precious items for their jewellery, the clan is given the appropriate crystals for purposing into laser weaponry by their expert hands by the clans of Silhorn and Scott.

Rodrick –“With perseverance comes reward.” This motto is fitting, as members of this clan are respected as the pinnacle of mining expertise. They do not stop and they do not see their task as simple or mundane. In fact they see it as the polar opposite. They believe that without them to mine the largest caverns and tunnels that there would be no setting for even the foundations on which stand the factories, habitation and agricultural units to exist. They know how essential they are to the planet’s economy, as do the governors of Marazion V, since the Rodrick clan is at the forefront of each major mining project and are often the go-to miners when it comes to making a new shaft in existing mines.

The Rodrick families are also seen in the armed forces, as their relative expertise in earthworks make them naturals in siege warfare, especially when it comes to tunnel and trench creation.

On the battlefield the Rodrick clan is often seen conversing with Drason Clansmen over matters of defense but they always keep in mind the hasty behaviour of their allied clansmen. Back on their home planet, Rodricks and Moreys often collaborate. For instance, when precious stones or metals are found in the Rodrick’s lands they always alert the Morey clan to its presence and aid in its excavation.

Silhorn Founders of the great engineering city this clan had a key part to play in the manufacture of the ships that enabled the colonisation of Marazion V. They were also responsible for the discovery of the largest oil lake on record in the Segovax cluster. With this resource in hand they built their city around it and from its riches formed the first Engineering academy. The sharpest minds of mechanical engineering are bred amongst the families of the Silhorn clan.

When the war against the One Bakkar had begun, the factories of Silhorn quickly turned their focus to the production of heavy weaponry and military transport. In the field these engineers will never falter at the task at hand, believing that nothing is impossible to fix as long as the right materials present. While in the depths of the mountains of Marazion they create ever more efficient weapons and vehicles to assure victory.

It must not be forgotten that the engineers of Silhorn do not build for war alone, but for peace as well; There are some planets in the Segovax Cluster are hard pressed to be found without at least one generic item made on Marazion V in their home, whether it’s a washing application or a transport unit.

Scotts – allies of the Drason clan, they mostly deal in industry but their level of industrialistion is lighter than that from Silhorn city; their output is considerably less than that of their Silhorn counterparts. Where the Silhorns specialise in large industries of bridges, buildings and the like, the Scotts have their specialty in manufacturing component pieces such as the nuts and bolts, databoards, the cogs and gears of much larger items.

The Scotts are also well known for their efficiency in weapons technology, but go arm in arm with Silhorn in laser technology in applied weaponry. To this end, the pair provide large laser weaponry of varying design to the Terran navy and the Terran Armed Forces for their bombardment lasers.

Smaller, portable laser weaponry has been made redundant in the basic physics of the laser itself. Since the power of the laser beam is proportionate to the size of the crystal inside and the value of the crystal itself,  solid shot weaponry both outclasses it in both power and cost-effectiveness. Whereas the battleships and other space craft have the size for the crystal and the rest of the weapon itself, to have a laser weapon for a trooper would mean that a very valuable crystal would be needed to be carried in a seperate pack. Add this weight to the rest of the equipment the soldier carries and you result with something that is too heavy for the average soldier to lift and carry.

The above section in yellow should be drafted to the rulesbook section that details the lack of laser weaponry. Delete all yellow here after transfer.

Von VortexA relatively small family closely affiliated with the Matos, this is a clan that found its greatness through its alliance with the Matos. Their chief investments were in trade and the families were found on the few surface settlements, Sangomont being the greatest of these. Owning rights to the space ports and other merchant guilds, Duke Samuel von Vortex now takes great pride in his running of Marazion V and is unflinching at the rumors of his son’s disappearance or the controversy that occurred beforehand.

Of Orbit
There are ten geosynchronous space stations orbiting Marazion V, which were originally built by the Drason factories and presently maintained by the engineers that come from the myriad of academies on the surface. Here they also run tests and research as to how the environmental conditions of the vacuum of space, as well as 0G, would affect all manner of materials and creations in the variables that would go on to allow the applicable creation of advanced items. Only utilised in the face of hostile attack, the station cannons and can activate the network of magnetic mines that hang in suspended orbit surrounding Marazion V.

Surrounding Marazion V are remains of a failed moon. Millennia before mankind’s arrival in the Segovax cluster, an unknown disaster obliterated the moon and shattered its remains across the skies of the planet below. Since then and up to the present day, the remains surround Marazion V as an asteroid belt that, when it catches the local star correctly, glitters and shines in the sky even during the day.

The rocks in the belt contain minerals and ores, even sometimes trapped gases that are of great import to the trade and manufacture in the great factories of Marazion V.

Also present within this belt are some of the satellites mentioned above. Of these, the satellites located here also contain mining complexes that facilitate the mining process of the asteroids. These satellites take on more work, updating themselves on the data of the belt’s asteroid positions and movements to save from collisions of important equipment.

The belt also hides a great and old defence against would-be invaders. As well as the manned defences of the satellites, Marazion also holds a series of mines that dot the asteroid belt itself. Magnetic mines have been in place here since the initial pushback of humanity when they’d first encountered the One Bakkar, where Marazion V had defended itself and stood as a bastion in the system.

Some forgotten and some lost, the magnetic mines can sometimes provide a problem for miners and other spacefarers; the magnetic mines were designed to latch onto unwary enemy craft, however, there are times when these mines can connect with asteroids, causing an explosion that send sensor arrays into mayhem. Data spikes and pens in measurement systems oscillate maddeningly as information passes through systems to relay the madness that silently resonates through space. Sometimes the debris of these explosions can be sent plummeting below, burning up in the atmosphere of Marazion V or creating pockets of craters across the surface. These mines are not actually magnetic, but rather they were designed with a small intelligence – their design uses IFF technology to distinguish enemy craft. The problem with them now is that without proper maintenance, their database has no way of keeping up with the updated IFF codes from Sovereign craft.

Festivals and Special Dates
Victory Day Against the Gigamesh – Is most often celebrated on the last day of the war, when the last known Gigamesh was felled. This is VE day for the Marazionites and it rings across the lands like a rolling thunder in the mountains and the caverns. Fireworks are known to be continuously loosed upon the sky and masses of lights and flags attached to ropes are hung from tunnels and cavern ceilings amidst cheers and cries of celebration. On these days it is not unknown to see VoM (Victory on Marazion) graffitied across walls in every populated area of Marazion.

Drums in the tunnels, caves and mine systems and other festivities are abundant in most areas, and in the cities and tunnels reenactments of the Gigamesh battles are played out by school children and adults alike. A group of people in a large mock-costume can make up a festive appearing Gigamesh, and join parades that cancel traffic for an entire day.

Little mechanical Gigamesh toys can be seen flying around in circles, attached to a rope and sometimes blowing a little powdered smoke. These are small examples of the craftmenship coming out of the academies.

The Remembrance of the Founding – Drums are a very persistent instrument and image in Marazionite festivities, and they punctuate themselves above the buildings of cities. This height that is given to the playing drums is highly symbolic of the defiance of nature and the desire of mankind to settle this planet in the name of the sovereign and Baron Gabriel Mato.

These drums sound out over five days, upon which a feast is held on each, to denote the five attempts that it took to settle Marazion V. Each feast is a reminder of the lives lost in each attempt and the drums play triumphantly to thank their efforts.

The Festival of the Sky Dancer– It is a rare event that comes once every three years following a light show in the night sky in the northern reaches of Marazion V; down to the electromagnetics in the atmosphere, waves and curtains of almost supernatural appearance dance in the sky. This causes, beaneath the surface, a specific series of gems to glow with a goulish light that is reflective of the aurora above. It is an unknown factor in which they are able to react to this event without a direct view of the aurora.

These specific stones are not mined or gathered, but those stones that have been refined into jewellry before and after this event at great expense of the Morey family are highly sought and prized for their rarity – especially so for they glow when the aurora returns, although this only occurs on Marazion V.

Of Religion
Since arriving upon the heavy planet of Marazion V, the planet has revealed a more than malleable identity within the very rock itself.

From the beginning of the ventures down into the rock of Marazion V, explorers and miners alike have found statues in many caverns and naturally occurring oubliettes. These statues, although humanoid in shape, are not as smooth as contemporary man-made statues, but rough and coarse, with aspects of crystals and stalagmites protruding from various bodily regions. Regardless of how natural these formations appeared, they truly embodied the likeness of creatures familiar to the colonists, such as animals of the land, sea and sky, as well as angels and daemons of mankind’s myths and legends; there were also creatures unknown, ranging from the morbidly grotesque to staggeringly beauty of what could only be described as mankind’s plethora of what they had named as nature working in an almost purely unique fashion; from perplexingly curious to the outrightly bizarre.

In time the new inhabitants of the planet came to expect their presence in the caverns below the surface and began to treat these works of nature with reverence and respect.  If one was found whilst in the process of digging a tunnel, it was neither destroyed nor dug out and moved to another location but carefully dug around. Over the years this respect took on a new manner.

A pivotal moment in Marazion’s culture occurred when the Baron lead an expeditionary force into a network of tunnels where there had been reports of a draconic creature, which later came to be identified and known as the Gigamesh. The wretched beast had been halting progress and mining, slaying and feasting on the flesh of miners and other civilians when it had ripped through several small settlements. The Baron chose to lead a large party down into the tunnels in an attempt to halt the creature.

As they were passing the statue which would shake the thought process of a planet, the then unknown beast appeared and immediately reared its head in offense. It flung its tail through a support strut and into the tunnel wall. sending a shockwave so colossal that it shook the tunnel and caused debris and detritus to fall to the floor. The roof of the tunnel cracked and gave way. In a detailed series of reports written by Mato and other surviving members of his party, they felt sure it was their end.  This was not to be the case for the statue nearby gave flight and covered them with its limbs and torso, taking the falling rocks on its own body and saving a fraction of the fellowship. As the roof fell on it, it gave what was presumed to be a cry of pain and its light faded, leaving the golem figure holding itself above them as if it were nothing more than a statue.

This particular moment gave cause for Mato to give praise and shows of uttermost respect to the natural statues that were found beneath the surface of Marazion V. After this event whenever a new statue was found it was excavated with the greatest care and respect. This respect turned into reverence and eventually became the religion that it is today. It’s known that even today that some groups take self-professed pilgrimages to seek statues both new and known.

The figure that saved the Baron Gabriel Mato is visited the most frequently, and is often the starting point in which these pilgrims take their first steps on more adventures to other statues. Some groups attach their religious views to these golems, attributing various symbolism to their shapes or colours.

Of Trade
Import – Food; wood.
Export – Metal; ores and minerals; weapons and armour; vehicles; and jewelry.

Marazion has a wealth in abundance for their minerals and ores, and the families in control of this area of the planet’s exportation market have lined their pockets with gold over years of trade.

Weapons and armour are firstly manufactured on the planet before they are sold off-world. It is incredibly rare that someone would be wearing the latest in body armour or firing condensed light from the most up-to-date laser rifle coming out of the factories without there being a large demographic of these people on Marazion V. A large portion of military arms technology are actually manufactured here this planet.

There’s a distinct passion for technology that is rife on Marazion V and this takes shape in many forms. This by no means excludes the pantheon of vehicles that drive, fly or even float out of the masses of factories. The love of these vehicles has carved out a niche of sorts in the Segovax cluster, where you’d find at least half of a dozen motors or engines that was manufactured in a Marazion factory somewhere in almost every city or on every planet.

Somewhat oddly, jewelry is considered a fine art here, matching the level of respect with its artisans that even the artisans of weapons or vehicles would be proud of. Many of the young’s education centres on Marazion V include jewelry smithing in arts and crafts. Many consider making jewelry a small pastime in their national identity but nevertheless there is a small market for it offworld.

Of Law, Justice and Crime
Law on Marazion V is typically based on Lex Talionis – the law of the talon. An eye for an eye is the typical mode of law and justice on this planet. Marazion law represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek. Lex Talionis on this planet applies to a broad class of legal systems that specify formulaic penalties for specific crimes, which are thought to be fitting in their severity. Some propose that this was at least in part intended to prevent excessive punishment at the hands of either an avenging private party or the planetary government.

Of the Governing Body
From the very founding of Marazion V’s earliest settlements Baron Gabriel Mato established a court which would eventually become a fully fledged parliament. The main parties of which came from the Mato and Grant families. Other, smaller parties came from each clan, of which came their own spokesperson.  

Time passed, and the von Vortex family became a major party amongst the Mato and Grant parties. This new party would be a strong contender and later absorbed the the Mato seats. This paved the way to the von Vortex family becoming the overseeing family of Marazion V.

The two original parties stand to work together often, but are widely different in their approaches. The Grant spokespersons reflect on their house’s conservative view whereas the Mato, and then the von Vortex clan, appear more liberal and left wing.

Of Military
The 23rd Heavy Company have always been considered a defensive group, even on their mountainous home world, Marazion V, using their engineer’s knowledge of materials to build weapons and equipment to fortify posts and positions.

Whilst these men and women worked, they would be covered by their heavy gunners, who would hold their ground and lay down a hail of fire upon any advancing enemy for the 23rd support one another as a group, covering each other’s backs in the field, never leaving a man behind and even combining their unique skills.

When Duke Frederick Mato created the Marazionite military, teamwork became nothing more than an honourable thing between these soldiers, and they believe that it will bring them true victory. Yet sometimes the 23rd have been known to achieve victory from the enemies of the Sovereignty of Terra by taking the fight to them – after all, sometimes the best defence is a good offense.

The Engineer Academies
On the world of Marazion V there lies a choice with the Engineering Academies. Upon enrolling, the option is to become an apprentice of schematics, construction, or of various other engineering schools.

This is not to say that the academies are purely educational facilities. Whilst enrolled in the various academies across Marazion V, the apprentice learns, plans, creates, establishes and patents works upon works. The engineers under the guidance of the tutors and lecturers of these academies would produce these new items from their own minds after having access to logs and documents from previous academy entrants from the past eras of Marazion. The engineer academy attendants are masters and professionals making all manner of technological items for use in many fields.

The academies encourage its members to invent and create anything novel or innovative. As a result, many new items can be seen strewn about testing grounds or sitting in laboratories. Some left to one side whilst another project is seen to with gusto, but often nonetheless impressive.

Not every invention is seen to mass production and/or committed to universal use, since these inventions are often expensive to reproduce or aren’t seen to be practical enough to warrant such treatment. Such is their level of craftsmanship.

On the Background of the 23rd Heavy Infantry
The 23rd Heavy Infantry was first formed by Duke Fredrick Mato, a noble man of Sangomont city, who refused to fear the Gigamesh that awoke under his fair city and attacked it with such ferocity. Ordering his factory engineers to construct the first ever heavy weapons and arming his personal guard, they deployed and engaged the foul beast, tearing it down from the very skies in which it terrorised them from.

The gigamesh had fallen yet word had reached Duke Mato that a neighbouring city was still besieged by the creature. On Marazion V, this was the first time that it was officially recognised that there was more than one gigamesh.

The duke stood and rallied all the noble clans of Sangomont City and the city guard captains in his employ and, like and iron bulwark, he defied the gigamesh unperturbed. The duke had a plan.

This plan involved the 23rd Heavy Infantry, amongst others, who went on to spread out to aid in safeguarding the citizenry of Marazion V in what is now known and widely named the ‘Great Gigamesh War’. The 23rd’s actions were held in high esteem by the Duke, when they held an 88% survival rate of civilians even though they’d suffered themselves.

By the very words and decision of Duke Frederick Mato, Mato House surrendered their estate in Sangomont City to the regiment’s use, in which it became the headquarters of the 23rd Heavy Infantry.

Almost half of the factories under the von Vortex family are now pumping out weapons and armour, and a dedicated portion of the profits are now the funds for recruiting new recruits.

The Mato crest was remade with the image of a Gigamesh and was given for adoption by the 23rd to proudly wear as their emblem. The Duke was also given the honorific of Forge Master to show his high position of authority amongst the 23rd Heavy Infantry as both their founder and their commanding officer. This title was passed down onto each new head of the Mato household, from the father to the first son under him.

So it was until the title reached Duke Luke Mato, a fifth generation Mato son, where the line was presumed to have ended with due to Luke Mato fathering no male heir. The 23rd continued onwards without their forge master, gaining support from all of Marazion V in this time, even from the Drason, Silhorn, and Scott noble houses. Building upon the foundation of what their Forge Master had left as instructions, the houses came together, uniting to serve and protect.

There were rumours abound that a fourth house may have been supporting the 23rd Heavy Infantry secretly, because nobody truly believed that the 23rd could survive without their Forge Master all these years. Without the patronage of the Forge Master, the 23rd would have been dissolved or integrated into another unit long ago.

One day, on the steps of the 23rd Heavy Infantry headquarters in Sangomont, Sir Samual M. von Vortex (the father of one Richard von Vortex) called forth a public gathering and made the announcement that Duke Sirius M, von Vortex had passed away and that, as his heir, he would take control as Forge Master and CO of the 23rd. He also went on to pubically declare that it was indeed the von Vortex house that governed the 23rd in secret since the death of the duke, Luke Mato.


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