Zennor, the Planet of

Another planet that was created for the UK LARP group in Kent, Zennor was the first to be created and was initially the product of three people. What’s included here is what I remember writing myself. There’s distinctly more that appears in the final document but here’s my definite contribution.

I remember being proud of this particular oceanography.

+          +          +


Capital City: Melrose
Population: 5 Billion (Pre-invasion)
Orbital Period: 457 Terran Days
Day Length: 23.9 Terran Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.06 Terran Atmospheres
Radius: 6,363km
Surface Gravity: 0.98G
Natural Satellites: N/A
Spaceports: Melrose, Tebron,  Al’Azure (Pre-Invasion)
Languages: Terran Standard English

Earlier ventures into exploring the depths of Zennor furnished the appropriate people with the knowledge that the oceans here are vastly populated with deep trenches and, in the case of the southernmost seas, terraces of abysses.

The coasts of Al’ Azif are well known for their high cliffs of sandstone that stand as tall as, in some cases, buildings from megacities. Although they recede in an alarming rate each year, long beaches of sandstone rubble and pebbles are left behind in the wake of the erosion. The archipelagos in the southern sea, despite being subtropical, is not unknown for a stray iceberg to be seen floating around its southernmost islands. One particular instance once saw a mega-iceberg floating due north, straight up the middle of the archipelago’s natural canal.

These icebergs were once relatively controlled and rare events during the time in which peace reigned upon Zennor.

Shallow areas around the warmer of Zennor’s islands are home to vast coral reefs. These are mostly present in the most shallow areas of the southern archipelagos. Here can be found a series of small aquacultural industries, a restoration effort due to the environmental changes that came from the increase of space traffic in the skies, warming and cooling the waters in the respective months. The coming of the One Bakkar saw the coral farms abandoned, and thus the change in waters affected the coral reefs now just as much as they did when mankind first colonised Zennor. Aquaculture on Zennor is now abandoned to nature.

In the equivalent of winter seasons on Zennor, the rivers and waterways that lace themselves around the bases of the Spine of Lupeth are known to increase in the amount of water that flows through them. This is often caused by the monolithic amount of snow that cannot be held in the mountainous areas and ends up causing avalanches that cover flood plains. This often leads to large lakes of ice, tens of feet deep in the most shallow areas.

Of aquatic beings it is a widely held belief upon this planet that large sea creatures – known as ‘sea kings’ to the local populace – inhabit a majoram of the ocean surrounding the islands.

It is not uncommon to hear of these tales in the port towns but a ‘sea king’ is seldom ever seen anywhere near harbours or coastlines. That’s not to say that they don’t exist; the majority of ‘sea kings’ inhabit the deeper parts of the oceans. Entire nests that -sometimes made of the huge metal tankers and boats of man – are home to the smaller ‘sea kings’ are to be found on the lips of the abyss’, near the bottom of the trenches. One particular nest to be found is in the deepest of trenches, named ‘Graben Trench’, which is made of a ship of alien design. It is neither of Vrede nor human design, and the latter of which have not yet discovered this location.


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