Popular Posts and Articles

In this section of my blog you’ll find a few of my – as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m sure -more popular posts and articles.

So much for an introduction to them, am I right?

I thought that it would be useful to indulge in this block of pages since, over the time of this blog, a few posts have reoccurred in the views of my visitors. Obviously a few more have been viewed whilst a few more (usually the same ones) have been granted your favours in the form of the all important internet like.

Usually these have been some thoughts or pieces of advice.

I touched on the idea of my giving of advice in one of the articles somewhere; I’ve felt a little uncomfortable with the notion that I’m giving advice to people despite not being (or feeling) qualified. In other words, I rather hope that I’m not coming across as obnoxious.

It’s a worry. Then again, if I don’t put myself out there like this, am I actually going to get anywhere? If I worry about everyone’s opinion of me or my work then I wouldn’t be doing this – there would be no point. If I try to save myself from every negative opinion I might as well arrest my opinions and keep them to myself.

So I spilled some of my thoughts and discoveries here on these pages. I welcome debate or to converse on them, if you’d like to do so.

Please enjoy!

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