About Me

I am an aspiring writer.

It’s what I want to do. I want to do it more than as a hobby. I want to write professionally.

My goal is to ultimately write and publish my novels and stories. I would love for them to sell, but I’d much rather a loyal audience over becoming a bestseller; there’s a stigma there, I feel, that once you’ve written an amazing book, that’s it – your amazing and bestselling book will be the best book that you will ever write.

Someone once said to me that “every single person has one good story in them”. I want to be one of the people with more than one. I want to be a person who has umpteen and more good stories in them.

Having said that I wouldn’t say no to a big fat paycheck from selling books. 😛

I’ve written a few short stories so far. I’ve also written a few articles but this is my first blog. So far I’ve written for www.nerdsraging.com, where I write articles, and I had a stint with one LARP group. Now I’m amongst the writers at Dark Tempus LARP. Otherwise I write for myself and my audience so far. To be fair, I’ve got a lovely group of fans right now.

In the next year I plan to have written a fully-fledged novel.

In the meantime I will continue writing my short stories and articles and posting them up here. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be with me from start to finish.

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