Giant Robot Storms The Winter Palace

This is both amazing (speaking as a nerd), quite irritating (speaking as a historian) and absolutely splendid (speaking as an alternative history nerd)!

Over in the pris-land of Australia a group of students have been going about, studying (which is uncommon for students) for their history exams. More specifically, this particular piece that has gotten people’s attention is down to a painting by Nikolai Kochergin, ‘Storming the Winter Palace’ – a particularly famous piece that depicts the title’s namesake during the Russian Revolution.

Here it is:

What got my nerd senses hard was that fuzzy part in the background. Can you see it? It’s obvious to me. Look closer:

It’s clearly a giant robot.

A giant robot was a part of the Russian working classes that toppled the royal family.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It would be were it true. Sadly it’s not. It’s a delightful and possibly non-deliberate ruse. It’s certainly a good photoshopped image.

This bothered the students of Australia because it sparked a murmer amongst students who were apparantly taking the exam found that they were observing the robot version of the painting.

I’m thinking that it’s the result of ignorance. The chances are that whomever compiled the exam itself just made a search for the image on Google (for example) and did not see the giant mech in the background.

A shame really. I thought that I may have been one step closer to owning a giant robot.

I’ll have be content with just my telekinesis for now.

[The original article can be found here:


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